Community Building and Emergency Shelter Project


Updated March 19, 2014

The Board of Aldermen decided at this time not to  apply for a CDBG grant for 2014. After discussing the requirements of the grant application, they decided that the City does not have enough funds to pursue it at this time.

Updated October 29, 2013

The City received a letter from the Department of Economic Development regarding the City's application for a CDBG grant to complete the Emergency Shelter/Community Bulding. The letter stated that the City's application did not score high enough to be awarded the CDBG grant. The City has been in contact with Sue Bacorn the City's grant writer in regards to reapplying for the grant when the grant process begins in 2014. The Board of Aldermen are in agreement to reapply during the next grant cycle.

May 8, 2013

Dear Citizen and Business owner,

The City of Goodman is once again applying for a Community Block Grant (CDBG) from the Community Development Block Grant Program to finish the Emergency Shelter/Community Center at 222 E. Garner (next to the Ballpark).  The application is graded on many things; such as citizen’s interest, is there a need in the Community, are the businesses in the community willing to support the project, is there any other financial assistance and is the Board of Aldermen in support of the project.

First, the Board of Aldermen is committed to the finishing of the Emergency Shelter/ Community center. They approved the hiring of Sue Bacorn, the grant writer who was successful in applying and receiving a $500,000.00 CDBG grant for the Goodman Water Improvement project in 2005. Sue will be rewriting and updating the previous CDBG grant application and architectural plans. Those plans and the previous grant writer were paid for out of a generous donation made by the Cornerstone Bank.  Unfortunately the City was not awarded a grant from those efforts.   The Board intends to use those original plans and with Sues help rewrite the grant application. The Board has learned from past endeavors that grants are not always awarded on the first application. Sometimes it takes several years and many applications to finally be awarded a grant. The Board has also agreed to restrict $20,000.00 dollars out of the City’s General Fund to help with the funding of the project.

Second, the Goodman Community Betterment Club was committed several years ago to the need of an Emergency Shelter/Community Center for the Citizens of Goodman and the surrounding area. They are the ones who donated their time, efforts and funds to build the outer shell of the 40’ by 80’ foot building.  They were unable to finish the project and deeded the building and land back to the City in hopes that it could be completed.  It is now up to the Board of Aldermen, the Businesses in the community and the Citizens to decide if they are going to support the completion of the building. To apply for the CDBG grant we need letters written by community leaders, citizens and businesses owners stating the need of the facility, committing to help with the funding and support of the project. Just the Board of Aldermen and the Goodman Community Betterment Club stating there is a need is not enough.

Third, the need for a completed building is real. Those of us who have had to live for several days without electric power due to ice storms and have had no place to go for food and warmth understand the need.  Watching the TV during the Joplin Tornado makes us aware that if a tornado hits our community and destroys some of the homes, where will our citizens stay until they can arrange permanent housing. Where does the emergency worker go for a meal, a hot cup of coffee, a place to clean up after working long hours and a place to rest?  Without the Emergency Shelter/Community building (with backup generators) we have no place in the Goodman area to take care of those needs.  The building will not only be for emergency situations, but will be a place for classes, health fairs, weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and family reunions. The use for the building is endless.

Finally, do we have a need, are you willing to help?  The Board of Aldermen would be grateful for a letter reflecting the need, a letter committed to financial help (do not send funds now, just a letter of commitment) or just a letter in support of the project.  No financial support will be needed until after the City is awarded the grant.  The application with all of the letters received must be turned in by June 10, 2013. You are asked to please respond by May 30th.

Years ago the Goodman area had a Goodman Booster Club. Their membership card read Let “US All” work together.

Please help us prepare this grant application with your letters and support. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Goodman Board of Aldermen at the Goodman City Hall at 417-364-7316.