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January 19, 2010


The Board of Aldermen held a meeting Tuesday night January 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Mayor Calvin Wilson, Alderpersons Keith Kohley, Kevin Reardon, Kristin Windsor and Greg Richmond. Also, present were City Clerk Paula Brodie, Chief of Police Tom West, and City Supervisor David Brodie. There were several people present.


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Ald. Richmond made the motion to approve the minutes from the meeting on Tuesday January 5, 2010. Ald. Kohley second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


The Mayor noted that there were five people who had asked for their water bills to be averaged. They are Cledith Morris, Wally Jeffers, Fagan Hallbrooks, Mike Davis and Charles Whitehill. Ald. Kohley made the motion to approve averaging their bills.  Ald Windsor seconded. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


The Mayor noted that Bob Mitchell who was next on the agenda was not present. He said that Mr. Mitchell had discussed with him the possibility of putting in a car rebuild shop in the chicken houses that used to be owned by Stanley Crawford.


The Mayor noted that the next thing on the agenda was to acknowledge Jill Beshears who is present to represent the First Community Bank. Jill informed the Board of Aldermen that the First Community Bank was going to be doing major renovations to the bank building. She stated that they were going to keep the historical look to the bank but they would be doing a complete renovation. She stated that because of the renovation the bank would like to install a doublewide bank trailer that they would work out of for about 8 months. She said that the building would be installed in the parking lot across from the bank. She stated that she had talked with Virginia Warn and Julie Chisco about redoing the fronts of their building so that the fronts of all of the buildings would be the same. She said they had agreed. She also noted that the bank had purchased the old hardware store to the east of the bank and they were in the process of purchasing the American Legion Building. She said as soon as the bank became owners of both buildings they were going to demolish them and put in a park.


Ald Reardon made the motion to approve First Community Bank installing a temporary bank trailer on the lot across from the bank for a period of one year. Ald Kohley second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


The Mayor acknowledged Aaron Hutchinson who was present to make a request for his parents to de-annex their property on the south end of town. He turned in a written request from his parents signed and notarized to the Mayor. The Mayor noted that there are two properties to the south of the Hutchinson property that would be connected to the City Limits by a utility easement only. Ald Richmond made the motion to allow the de-annexation request to be put before the voters in the November election. Ald Reardon seconded. David Brodie asked the Board why Mr. Hutchinson wanted to de-annex. Aaron stated that the reasons were that the property had been in the city limits for years but received no services. He was told that there was city water to the property, with a meter vault paid for through the water improvement project. It was also noted that he could have city trash pickup. Ald Richmond asked him why he still wanted to de-annex if he could get those services. Mr. Hutchinson stated that the cost for him to run water lines from his house to the meter vault was too costly for him to hook to the city water.  He also mentioned that he could not get Media-Com to run cable to his property.  He was given a copy of the city franchise between Media Com and the City. The Board went ahead and voted 4 ayes, 0 nos.


The Board discussed the City of Pineville’s proposed contract regarding animal control. The Mayor noted that the City did have a permitted pound at this time. He went through the charges that Pineville would be charging. He said that he thanked Pineville for asking the City but since the city has its own pound there was not a need to sign a contract with Pineville at this time.


The Board of Aldermen discussed Bill # 2010-413 for Ordinance # 2010-423 Adopting and enacting a new Code of Ordinances. It was noted that this Ordinance updates the City Code Book with all of the Ordinances passed by the Board of Aldermen during the year 2009 and also updates the codes to coincide with Missouri State Statutes. The Ordinance should be considered an emergency and voted on twice to update the city codes.


The Mayor read by title only Bill# 2010-413 for Ordinance # 2010-423 on the first reading. Ald Richmond made the motion to approve the first reading of Bill # 2010-413 for Ordinance # 2010-423. Ald Kohley second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


The Mayor read by title only Bill# 2010-413 for Ordinance # 2010-423 on the second reading. Ald Richmond made the motion to approve the second reading of Bill # 2010-413 for Ordinance # 2010-423. Ald Windsor second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


The Board discussed hiring a recreation board director. Curt Drake stated that he understood that Stewart Pace had said he had an interest in running the ball program. Ald Reardon said that Darrell Sarratt said that the guys who had been on the recreation board would be willing to help whoever the Board appointed. The Board decided to put an ad in the McDonald County paper for two weeks and in the Neosho Daily News for two weeks on Sunday and Wednesday. The Board discussed the need to inventory the items at the ball park and in the concession stand. Ald Richmond asked who actually owned the items at the Ball Park. The Board was not sure except that it was noted that the City had helped purchase some of the items, that the City paid all utilities and insurances and that the Goodman Recreation Board was under the umbrella of the City Council. David noted that the City did not have keys to any of the buildings or concession stand. He stated if there were leaks or needed to be winterized he could not get into the buildings. 


The following reports were made by:


                        1. Tom West said he didn’t have anything to report but Curt did.  Curt stated that a couple of the firemen had told him that the light was out on the top of the water tower. The Board discussed hiring someone who is bonded and insured to fix it.


                        2. David Brodie reported that a 4” screw pump stopped up in the treatment plant. He said they broke it down and it is fixed. He said that he has started working on the streets. He noted that Paula had contacted Sue Bacorn about grants. He said that Sue said that CDBG does not have funds for streets, but Rural Development does. Paula stated that she had talked to Ron Thomas from Rural Development and he said that there were some funds. She stated that Ron said there were some grants that had a 55% match and some had a 75% match depending on the City’s LMI. The Clerk said that he said that the City would need to hire an engineer to do a preliminary cost estimate. It was noted that there had been a settlement on the water improvement and that some of the funds could be used for street repairs, because the contractors tore up the streets. The Board decided to wait until the application was received, so that they would know what needed to be done to fill out the application.


                        3. Dawn Bunch was not present.


                        4. Paula Brodie had nothing to report.


The Board discussed the following old business:  The Mayor noted that the Clerk had the paper work to certify candidates for the April City Elections. The Clerk noted that Northward Aldermen Greg Richmond, Southward Alderman Keith Kohley, Tax Collector Dawn Bunch, and Judge Clyde Davidson, have all signed up to run again. They are all incumbents. She stated that Roger Hensley had withdrawn his name.


The Board discussed a request from Starla Ortiz for a daycare to be ran in her home. The Mayor noted that she is approved to be paid through Social Services, which means that a back ground check has been run on her. He also read from the Code Book things she has to comply with.  It was noted that she had to have at least 1,000 feet in her home to be able to take care of up to 3 children not related to her. Ald Richmond made the motion to allow her to get a city license. Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nos.


The Mayor acknowledged Carson Bunch who stated that the minutes from the 5th of January, 2010 did not include that Olinda West was present at the meeting and that he was offended by what she had said at the last meeting to him. He said that she said that the Board could do away with the Police department and appoint Carson as police chief. The Mayor said during that discussion things got out of hand and there had been several things said that shouldn’t have been said. Ald Richmond said that the minutes should have reflected that Olinda West was present. Carson said that he did not say to do away with the Police Department, Mrs. West did. The Mayor stated that some times the meetings do get off track and it would be hard to get it all in the minutes. The Clerk noted that she tried to include in the minutes a general idea of the discussions. She stated that from all her training she understood that the minutes were her interpretation of the meeting and that she had to include all of the motions made by the Board. She said that she did not include everyone who was present at each meeting because there were times she did not even know who was present at the meetings. She stated that the Board could make changes to the minutes prior to approving them at the following meeting. She stated that the minutes from the 5th of January had already been approved. Carson stated that the sign up book had not been out for the last two meetings. The Clerk stated that she would try to remember to put out the sign up book and the Mayor stated that he would ask everyone who attended the meeting to introduce themselves so that their names could be noted in the minutes.


The Mayor stated that Callie Hudson who writes grants for the City of  Pineville is willing to write grants for all the cities. She runs a business called Hudson Consulting Services in Pineville. He said that she had asked him to get a wish list from all department heads and the aldermen of items that were needed by the city. He noted that she charges 3%. The Clerk noted that some grants do not have any administration funds included in them. She also noted that the Mayor was the legal signer of the city and that the Board would need to approve any grants that she was going to apply for. The Mayor said that he had told her to go ahead and apply for any grants that there was no match required by the City. Carson Bunch asked if the city was able to apply for grants. The Mayor told him that only the CDBG grant would not be able to be applied for until the CDBG grant from the Water Improvement Project is closed.


Ald Kohley made the motion to approve the bills in the amount of $38,670.82 including transfers. Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 4 ayes 0 nos.


Ald Kohley made the motion to adjourn. Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 4 ayes 0 nos.



Respectfully submitted:

Paula W. Brodie, MRCC, City Clerk

Calvin Wilson, Mayor


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