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February 16, 2010


The Board of Aldermen held a meeting Tuesday night February 16, 2010 at 7:00 PM.  Those present included Alderpersons Kristin Windsor, Keith Kohley, and Greg Richmond. Also, present were City Clerk Paula Brodie, Municipal Judge Clyde Davidson, and City Supervisor David Brodie. Guests included Kathy Wilson, Joyce Haynes, Amye Buckley.  Mayor Wilson was in Jefferson City for a meeting and Kevin Reardon was absent.


Acting President Greg Richmond called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Ald. Kohley made the motion to approve the minutes from the meeting on Tuesday February 2, 2010. Ald. Windsor second. The Board voted 3 ayes, 0 nays.

Acting President Greg Richmond stated that Stewart Pace was not present yet but he would be present as soon as the basketball games were over at the school.


The Board of Aldermen discussed whether or not to put the mowing out for bid this year. David stated that Mike Williams wants to do the mowing again and would charge the same amount that he has for the past few years. David recommended renewing the agreement with Mike as the Board had for the past years. David said that Mike has always been reliable and does excellent work. Clyde asked if it would be possible for Mike to mow some of the ballpark. Clyde said that maybe Stewart could mow the actual ball fields, and then maybe the city employees or Mike could do the rest of the park. The Board agreed to look into the situation before any decisions would be made regarding hiring Mike to help mow the field.  


Ald Reardon joined the meeting at 7:05PM.


Ald Kohley made the motion to keep Mike Williams on to mow the city. Ald Windsor second. The Board voted 4 ayes, 0 nays.


Acting President Richmond noted that the Appellate court affirmed the decisions made during the water improvement project’s lawsuit against Lynnson, Inc. Mr. Persons attorney has two weeks to appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court.


Acting President Richmond noted the letter from the Department of Economic Development in regards to closing out the CDBG Water Improvement grant. Note waiver being given by CDBG for a street project. The Clerk also noted that the letter included a statement from CDBG that because of the lawsuit settlement they might consider recouping some of the grant funds from the City. David stated that he could show CDBG where all of the funds from the lawsuit needed to be spent to complete the Water Improvement Project. It was also noted that legal fees for the lawsuit was around $60,000.00. The money to pay the lawsuit expense came out of the cities water account.


The Board of Aldermen discussed whether or not to continue with an application for Street improvements. The Clerk noted that she had asked CDBG to send the city an application.


The following Department heads made the following reports:


                        1. Tom West was not present.


                        2. David Brodie reported that he had talked with Swift Construction regarding the cost to do repairs to certain streets around town. He stated that overlay ran $7.50 a square yard. He said that did not include any dirt work or putting in risers for the manholes. He said to do one mile of overlay it would cost $94,000.00 for the asphalt only. He stated that the worst place in town was the intersection of Garner and Janice. He said it would cost $4,216.65 to fix that intersection. He said that to fix the holes on Janice Street it would cost $5,250.00. He said that his recommendation for Janice Street would be to overlay from Barlow to just south of Fields, which would cost $11,374.95. Both projects would run around $16,000.00.


                        3. Dawn Bunch was not present.


                        4. Paula Brodie noted that John Fitts from Noel would be in town asking for people to sign a petition for a State Constitutional amendment call “Personhood”. He will be collecting signatures until April 20th and she read the thank you card from Cledith Morris regarding the Boards approval to average her water bill.


The Board of Aldermen discussed the following old business. Brodie reported that he has been looking for a generator; however he has not found one yet.


Clyde told the Board that he would like to discuss some of the needs at the ballpark. He stated that the lights at the ball field need to be worked on before ball season begins. He said that several of the light bulbs need to be changed out. He said that New Mac and Empire District usually volunteered to help get the lights ready for the season. He said if the ball program was going to continue during the next few years the lighting needed to be completely refurbished. He said that he believed with replacing the bulbs and some minor repairs the lights would be OK for this year’s season. He also wanted the Board to know that the Recreation Department does not have any working capital to run the ball program this year. Clyde said last year there were only two teams that played and that they played at Anderson because it was more cost effective. He said because of this there were no concession stand funds that usually helped stock the concession stand for the following year and to use to purchase any needed equipment. He said that Stewart hoped to sign up more kids this year to play and to get more parents to volunteer. Clyde said that the kids will need to be signed up by March 15.  He said that the McDonald County Summer Ball Program’s insurance becomes effective on that date. He said that practice could not begin until the insurance became effective. He said that Stewart will have to have the list of children that will be playing by that date so that they will be covered by the counties ball program insurance.


Keith Kohley asked about the sewer gas in the Emergency Management department in the Police Station. David said he had not been told anything about the sewer problem. He said that he would check on it in the morning.


Keith Kohley stated that he and Dennis had purchased four radios off of EBay to use in the emergency management department.  He asked the Board if they would be willing to pay to have the radios programmed. David said that he understood that the fire department has bought equipment to program radios. He suggested that Keith might talk with them about getting their radios programmed. The Board decided to discuss it at the next meeting.


The Board acknowledged Stewart Pace to discuss the Recreation Board Directors positions. Stewart stated that he was not sure what the Board would expect of him as Director and he was curious about any rules and regulations on running the department. Clyde stated that there was a set of bylaws, however he did not know if they had ever been accepted by the City. He said in the past the Director usually took care of the field, setting up the teams and games. He said usually the Director and a treasurer were signers on the bank account. Stewart stated that any registration money would be turned over to Clyde. He said he would like to see a minimal amount charged to the children for registration. Clyde said all of the recreation departments around the county try to charge the same amount per child to play. Stewart said they would be charging $25.00 for the first child and $10.00 for the next child. There will be no additional fee for any other children in the same family. Clyde noted that the Goodman Ball Program would run under the McDonald County Summer Ball Program using standard Little League rules. Clyde said it cost around $35.00 a game for umpires. Stewart said that he would have signups at the basketball games at the school starting on Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM.  He said Mrs. Smith the principal from Goodman Elementary said that the notice for signups could be put on the school sign.


Stewart said that any volunteers working for the recreation department have to submit to a background check. He said that he will turn his information over to the McDonald County Summer Ball committee and they will be responsible to run everyone through the McDonald County Sheriff’s department. They will then give him back the list of volunteers he can use. Only people that have had background checks will be used.  He stated that this was being done for the safety of the children.


It was noted that the budget for the Recreation Board Director was set during budget sessions in December. The Clerk gave the Board and Stewart Pace a copy of the city recreation budget. She noted that the General fund only had $2700.00 left in it when they completed the budget and since then the Board had agreed to an increase for the city employee’s medical insurance of $900.00. This left around $1800.00 in the General Fund Budget.


There was discussion regarding changes needed to the Recreation Department. Stewart said he would be paying umpires once a week and they would be paid by check. He said that way he could keep better track of the accounting. Another item that was discussed was whether or not the city could help with the mowing. David said it will take one man a whole day to mow the field. He said another concern was having the appropriate mowers to do the job. He stated that he had asked for a key to the equipment shed at the ballpark so that he could look over the mowers to see what they needed. Clyde said that the zipper mower had been repaired numerous times and that he did not know if it was usable or not. David said that it would be better if they changed the tires on the Kubota tractor and used the woods mower. It was noted that the woods mower was not at the ball park anymore and no one knew where it was. Stewart also asked for keys to the equipment shed so that he could check the ball equipment. He said he didn’t know if there was enough equipment for each team. He stated by looking at the budget there was no funds set aside for equipment purchases or supplies. Clyde said in the past the Recreation Board bought equipment with funds from the concession stand or donations and that he had keys and would make sure both David and Stewart has one.


Kevin Reardon said that the recreation budget had been cut for this year because no teams played at Goodman last year and the Board was not sure there was interest for a Goodman Ball Program for this year. He said that if there is interest shown the Board might be able to help more. He said that once Stewart sees if there is interest the Board could discuss it again.


Ald Kohley made the motion to appoint Stewart Pace as Recreation Board Director.  Ald Reardon second. The Board voted 4ayes 0 nays.


Ald Reardon made the motion to approve the bills in the amount of $19,296.86 including transfers. Ald Kohley second. The Board voted 4 ayes 0 nays.


Ald Kohley made the motion to adjourn. Ald Windsor second. The Board voted 4 ayes 0 nays.


Respectfully submitted:

Paula W. Brodie, MRCC, City Clerk

Calvin Wilson, Mayor


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